The Hangover: Part 3


Director: Todd Phillips
´╗┐Screenwriter: Todd Phillips, Craig Mazin
´╗┐Genre: Comedy

As excited as we were for The Hangover: Part 3, we were also a little weary. Because the original was really good, but the sequel was just as disappointing. So we were nervous as we sat down for Part 3. The trailer looked genuinely funny – but were those the only funny parts? It was not as bad as we were expecting, but it wasn’t side-spliting funny either. We were almost constantly laughing but it was not because the jokes were that funny. It was because we were bombarded with joke after joke. We were disappointed that the storyline did not involve a bacholer party like the two previous movies. However, Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) is a major player, making for some very funny scenes. We were overjoyed at this development because he is unarguably the most hilarious of all the characters. Without Chow and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) there wouldn’t be a hangover at all. The ending came to a concrete close, so there doesn’t seem to be any hangovers in the foreseeable future.