How I Live Now


Director: Kevin Macdonald
Screenwriter: Jeremy Brock, Tony Grisoni, Book: Meg Rosoff
Genre: Drama, Romance

Love has the power to take you anywhere. How I live now, adapted from a novel by Meg Rosoff, tells a story of a teenage girl, Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) who tries to survive World War III along with her cousins. Director Kevin Macdonald brings the humanity and suffering of the characters to the surface of this film. Giving it an edge and a heart racing feel to the movie, he keeps you wondering what could happen next. For a cursed Daisy who feels nothing but hate and abandonment, especially for her father, decides quickly she has to grow up in order to survive. And just as she is finally finding love, it’s ripped away leaving her with only a desperate hope to find it again. This is a movie of survival, willpower, and love for a coming of age Daisy, who only wants to find that love once more.


Who to Listen to: Twenty One Pilots

Who to Listen to This Week: Twenty One Pilots


This band from Columbus, Ohio is refreshingly different from today’s top 40. The duo creates interesting beats using not only the drums, but also the speed, sound, and rhythm of the lyrics in each song, making each song unique and easily identifiable. They have an eclectic vibe – sometimes using reggae beats, unexpected harmonies, rock/indie rap, and even classical piano. Many of their songs focus on heavy topics, such as Guns for Hands, with the underlying theme being teen suicide. Despite such depressing themes the pair seem to uplift their songs and make them upbeat. Fuse named them one of South by Southwest Music Fest’s Breakout artists earlier this year. Other songs to listen to: Migraine, Semi-Automatic, Lovely, Car Radio, and their new single Holding on to You.

Who to Listen to: Milo Greene

Who to Listen to This Week: Milo Greene


This song, Son my Son, is from Milo Greene’s 2012 self titled album. The four part harmonies layered with acoustic guitars, interesting drum work, and a myriad of different instruments make for complex, compelling songs. They are just as good, if not better, live – adding intricacies that can not be found on the album. Moddison is a short film they have created using all of their songs from the album to create an engaging storyline and can be viewed on YouTube. Other harmonious songs to listen to: What’s the Matter, Perfectly Aligned, Autumn Tree, and Silent Way.


Who to Listen to: Lana Del Rey

Who to Listen to this Week: Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey is obviously influenced by 50’s and 60’s Hollywood glamour, in her sense of style and also her sound. This makes for a tone that is different from today’s top 40, but still upbeat and just as catch-y. There is a yearning, driving force behind the beat of this song, Blue Jeans, that makes you hit the repeat button each time the song ends. Recently her song Young and Beautiful was featured on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Check out some of her other songs: Born to Die, Ride, Chelsea Hotel No. 2, and Burning Desire.

Who to Listen to: The Paper Kites

Who to Listen to this Week: The Paper Kites
paper kites

Check out this Australian folk band! Their resounding harmonies and acoustic guitars sound young and fresh, despite this song, Bloom, coming out three years ago. The imagery mixed with the lighting in the video make for a romantic, summer vibe. If you are in the mood for an easy listening, light-hearted band, check out The Paper Kites. Other songs to listen to: Featherstone, Sink In, and Willow Tree March.