How I Live Now


Director: Kevin Macdonald
Screenwriter: Jeremy Brock, Tony Grisoni, Book: Meg Rosoff
Genre: Drama, Romance

Love has the power to take you anywhere. How I live now, adapted from a novel by Meg Rosoff, tells a story of a teenage girl, Daisy (Saoirse Ronan) who tries to survive World War III along with her cousins. Director Kevin Macdonald brings the humanity and suffering of the characters to the surface of this film. Giving it an edge and a heart racing feel to the movie, he keeps you wondering what could happen next. For a cursed Daisy who feels nothing but hate and abandonment, especially for her father, decides quickly she has to grow up in order to survive. And just as she is finally finding love, it’s ripped away leaving her with only a desperate hope to find it again. This is a movie of survival, willpower, and love for a coming of age Daisy, who only wants to find that love once more.


Thor: The Dark World


Director: Alan Taylor
Screenwriter: Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Everyone knew the new Thor movie would have hard-hitting, star-studded action between Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, but here at Multimedia Junkies we were really hoping for more character development.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much. Sure, there were some semi-sweet brother moments between Thor and Loki, and a stolen kiss or two between Thor and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), but nothing that could be called significant development.  Comic relief was provided by Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard), recurring support characters from the previous Thor and Avengers movies.  All of these elements add up to create the “perfect” Hollywood blockbuster of the year – sure to be the best selling movie of the year…  But what we think it really adds up to is a stunning facade with little underneath. The audience sits mindlessly in their seats, bombarded with visual effects, action, and Hemsworth’s abs to distract from the lack of intriguing storyline, character development, and depth.  By the end of the movie we were craving for something to provoke us into thinking.  The trailer promised thrilling sacrificial  decisions for Thor; save the woman he loves or save the universe?  It didn’t deliver.  We weren’t convinced that Jane’s life was ever in danger and, quite frankly, we were happy that she was a little more involved than just standing by as the nerdy but super hot science chick that Thor has to save.  However, the movie definitely wasn’t bad.  Learning more about Thor’s universe and it’s back-story was interesting and the visual effects were nothing less than breath-taking.  For Marvel fans, Thor: The Dark World is a must see, just don’t expect to walk out of the theater with any deep thoughts.  Stick around in the theater after all the credits roll for an extra laugh for two.



Jobs, the movie biography of Steve Jobs, is no where near the level of depth of Social Network‘s screenplay was able to accomplish. Jobs really just glides through the several decades of interactions between the main characters. It’s as if the screenwriter, Matt Whiteley, had a set number of points required to tell the story, but didn’t dive below the surface. Though no offense to Ashton Kutcher, who played Steve Jobs, did an impressive job embodying him. From his mannerisms to the way he talked, Kutcher pulled it off. But what I found to be off putting was the whole persona of Steve Jobs on the big screen. He acted like an inconsiderate jerk who alienates the majority of his friends along the way. If you’re interested in watching a two hour movie about the history of apple then this is the movie for you. Unfortunately, don’t be expecting too much more out of the film.

Kickass 2

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Director: Jeff Wadlow
Screenwriter: Jeff Wadlow
Genre: Comedy, Action

Kick-ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hit-girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) are back – armed with even more violence and blood in this sequel. The story line picks up right after the first movie leaves off. The kicks and punches are up close and personal to the audience, so you wouldn’t be able to miss anything. Though the first movie was heavy handed with satire, the sequel has a more straightforward feel to it with intense blood splattering scenes. Just like the first, it’s filled with ridiculously hilarious one liners and some leather bondage. Overall, the movie itself is a decent standalone flick, but with the backing of the Kickass franchise, it’s worth going to see. Oh, and wait until the end of the credits.

The Conjuring

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Director: James Wan
Screenwriter: Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Genre: Horror, Thriller

In 1971, the Perron family was the picture perfect family with five beautiful young girls. That is until they moved into an old lakefront farmhouse. Little did they know the hell they were about to go through. The original story is based on the professed true occurrences of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple who were devoted to finding and expelling genuine supernatural happenings across the New England area. The Conjuring has been proclaimed as one of the top horror flicks of 2013. James Wan (Insidious) uses acrobatic camera techniques that enhance the terror on the screen. He is a brilliant director who gives the audience powerful, alive images that are combined with the right editing and music composition. For those who have a love of horror, this film is one you cannot miss.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Director: Thor Freudenthal
Screenwriters: Marc Guggenheim, Rick Riordan
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

When it comes to sequels, the series can go either an amazing addition or down the drain. This sequel was a decent movie overall, but nothing spectacular. We follow our heroes to the Bermuda Triangle, which has a lot of mystery in its background. So the audience has a certain amount of expectations for a thrilling mystery, but at last there is none of that in this film. Throughout the movie, the action sequences were edited to the affect that didn’t give any punch to the scene. It’s a film made just for the children to enjoy. With all kids’ movie, Percy Jackson comes with a built in morality ending and peak at what could just come in the next film. That is, if there will be a next film.



Director: Neill Blomkamp
Screenwriter: Neill Blomkamp
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Neill Blomkamp (District 9) did an unbelievable job with both writing and directing this film, bringing to life a now growing social issue. Set in a futurist decaying Earth where the middle class is non-existent, chaos and injustice run the streets. The underlying social issues Blomkamp brings to the surface of this film could predict in all actuality some type of future for Americans. Now with that said, there are the obvious science fiction liberties taken in this blockbuster movie. Bringing with it the desperation of a man who would do anything to only live and be with his childhood’s love. What would you do to save yourself? Elysium is a gripping movie pumped full of action and drama. It’s a story that should be told and Matt Damon is the badass who did it right. It’s in theaters now, so go check it out.

The Bling Ring


Director: Sofia Coppola
Screenwriter: Sofia Coppola, Nancy Jo Sales
Genre: Crime, Drama

Our recently developed obsessive need to be close to the celebrities from the movies, magazines, and reality tv, is what drives this film. Sophia Coppola (Lost in Translation) captures the essence of the teenagers’ desperation perfectly. As for the people the characters are based on, they have either declined interviews or rebutted the actuality of the film. Without a doubt, the film is based on actual news stories and arrests that have occurred over the past few years. Coppola and the actors did a beautiful job showing how the first generation has come to idolize celebs to near sociopathic obsessions. The film itself has a documentary type feel to it that keeps you plugged in. Just don’t be expecting an explosive set of events. The Bling Ring is meant to be so much more than that and is one to watch.

White House Down V.S. Olympus Has Fallen

white          V.S.         olympus

Director: Roland Emmerich                          Director: Antoine Fuqua
Screenwriters: James Vanderbuilt              Screenwriters: Creighton Rothenberg
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller                       Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Summer is full of nothing but fun times at the pool, melting ice cream, and patriotic movies. What more could anyone want! This summer has brought just that. While both movies take a similar concept, it is hard not to compare. Now without giving too many spoilers away, you’ll be comparing theme side by side at your local Redbox. Both have plenty of violence, guns and explosions but one clearly has a higher death rate. And that movie is Olympus Has Fallen (OHF for short). Though as a Channing Tatum fan, of course we find him handsome to look at in White House Down (WHD for short). But I found his acting a bit flat on the big screen this time. Jamie Foxx who plays President Sawyer on the other hand was funny and entertaining to watch. I have to give it to OHF because on one does action better than my man Gerard Butler. So I can fully say in my opinion Olympus Has Fallen supremely surpasses the lesser White House Down.

Grown Ups 2


Grown Ups 2 is out in theaters now! And definitely not worth your time or money. Adam Sandler is not one to usually leave you let down, but this movie is a waste for Happy Gilmore Productions. I will admit there are some funny jokes but nowhere near the side gripping hilarity of what you expect with a Sandler movie. The visiual effects were rough and the physical humor was tiresome. I was glad to see the original cast back together because usually sequels are not worth the time. But I guess everyone needs to make a few bucks now and then. There’s a large amount of scattered story lines going on with the different families, making the scene transitions chopped and rushed. Maybe if you are desperately interested in seeing how things proceeded with the families from when we were last left off, I suggest just wait until Grown Ups 2 comes to FX channel and not even for DVD.