About Us

Hi my name is Leslee and I have an addiction. I knew I had to get help when I overdosed on television shows one day. It was a close call, but my roommate was able to tear me out of my Netflix induced coma. From then on I knew I could help others with the same affliction by collaborating to create this blog.

Hi my name is Katelyn and I have an addiction. Mainly it is with movie and television shows. I acknowledge this problem as the root of my indulgence, but I cannot give it up. So I have helped to bring about this blog for other multimedia addicts like myself. I use this as my outlet for ultimate loves and passionate hates of media.

We tap the vein of entertainment. Getting you your fix with the latest movie, TV, music, and book reviews and gossip. We’re just two girls nursing our addiction for multimedia from the living room couch of a small apartment in Carbondale, IL. We seek out artists in all forms of multimedia entertainment to keep your withdrawals at bay. Our purpose is not to shine a spotlight on those addicted, but to give you a source of information to soothe your affliction. We hope you enjoy the rush as much as we do as we write these reviews. We would love to hear your feedback! E-mail us at multimediajunkies@gmail.com or enter your comments in the form below.


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