Grown Ups 2


Grown Ups 2 is out in theaters now! And definitely not worth your time or money. Adam Sandler is not one to usually leave you let down, but this movie is a waste for Happy Gilmore Productions. I will admit there are some funny jokes but nowhere near the side gripping hilarity of what you expect with a Sandler movie. The visiual effects were rough and the physical humor was tiresome. I was glad to see the original cast back together because usually sequels are not worth the time. But I guess everyone needs to make a few bucks now and then. There’s a large amount of scattered story lines going on with the different families, making the scene transitions chopped and rushed. Maybe if you are desperately interested in seeing how things proceeded with the families from when we were last left off, I suggest just wait until Grown Ups 2 comes to FX channel and not even for DVD.


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