Craigslist Joe



Director: Joseph Garner
Producer: Zach Galifanakis
Genre: Documentary

Not your average boring documentary, Joseph Garner sets out to make a living relying on nothing but craigslist and the kindness of its users for the whole month of December. His theory is that America has not lost its sense of community because of technology and social media. He believes that community is all around us and craigslist is one outlet for it. So he sets out to prove this by making this documentary with the help of a cameraman he found on craigslist. He starts with no food, no money, and no contacts. You follow his amazing journey across the United States as he meets interesting new people and lives off the kindness of others. But don’t think of him as a moocher – he does his fair share of charity along the way. He meets people from different cultures, religions, and walks of life throughout his journey, learning from all of them. We feel moved and inspired to become better people in our own community because of this documentary. The camera work is impressive considering it’s all done by one cameraman with a handheld camera. Joe’s story even reaches the creator of craigslist and he lands an interview with him. This documentary reaffirms faith in humanity and the sense of community that we all share as human beings. It is a truly inspiring tale of kindness and charity in a time when America’s economy makes those traits seem almost non-existent.


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