Fast and Furious 6


Director: Justin Lin
Screenwriter: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson
Genre: Action

As die-hard fans of the Fast and Furious series we could not wait to see Fast and Furious 6. Overall we were not disappointed as the characters we know and love came to the screen once more. Paul Walker’s acting has noticeably improved since the first movie and he is as sexy as ever. Cars dominated the film, however, we would have preferred street racing over car chasing action sequences. In fact, action was in abundance throughout the movie with many exciting and unforeseen plot twists. The action became somewhat repetitive however, with many fight scenes being unrealistic and impossible. One fight worth mentioning is between Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Riley (Gina Carano). This is less of a “cat fight” and more of a testament to how bad-ass a female can be. There is unexpected humor throughout thanks to the comic relief of Roman (Tyrese Gibson) in his witty comments and hilarious fighting scenes. Although touching at times, the familiar slogan “this is who we are” and “family” theme became tedious and overused. Definitely a must-see for fans of the series and action lovers alike. Make sure to stay after the credits for an extra scene that suggests there may be a Fast and Furious 7 on the horizon.


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