Hemlock Grove


Directors: Deran Sarafian, T.J. Scott, David Semel, David Straiton
Screenwriters: Brian McGreevy, Lee Shipman, Daniel Paige, Mark Verheiden
Genre: Horror, Thriller

Recently Netflix has started producing its own television series. With the success of House of Cards comes the horror mystery Hemlock Grove. Enticing as the trailer was, the series was a bit of a let down. Even though there was a top billing cast with Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Swedish new comer Bill Skarsgard (Simple Simon), it seemed as if something was off. The longing looks and the long pauses created an awkward finished product. The gorgeous Landon Liboiron (Terra Nova) was absolutely fantastic in his performance. Forewarning though, the werewolf transformation scene was gruesome and practically left nothing to the imagination. Therefore this show is not for the lighthearted with brutal murders and intense rape scenes. With werewolves, vampires, and angels, oh my!, it certainly has epic moments. Comparing it to other television shows, it is definitely a level up from Twilight in intensity and lacking Supernatural’s brute strength. For anyone who is looking to kill some time, maybe on a lazy rainy Saturday, this show might be what you need. Only to blow off some time, Hemlock Grove is not worth much more. A pro with the Netflix series is the instant gratification of having access to the whole show with the click of a button. So bring on that long afternoon.


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